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Month: June 2017

The Raga Of Science (2)

The second challenge required the construction of a tower from two pieces of paper but this time the highest point of the tower had to be occupied by a tennis ball. Like many past Mars missions such as the Mars Pathfinder, Mars Global Surveyor, Phoenix…...
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Reviews Of The Best Cameras

The S8 is a sizeable improvement over the S7 in almost every area, but the camera has received the fewest upgrades - on paper, at least. It has an image sensor that can handle 13.89 million pixels and this makes it the highest resolution digital…...
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Identify New Emerging Technologies (2)

Technologies to be considered for the Spotlight on New Technology┬« must meet five general criteria: new, innovative, proven, broad interest, and significant impact. But Snap's first foray into hardware shows promise at a time when camera companies like GoPro are struggling. This technology is already…...
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The National Academies Of Sciences, Engineering, And Medicine

Discover over 450 exhibits, events, and workshops designed to engage ages 1 to 100. A family fun festival to MAKE, create, learn, invent, craft, recycle, build, think, play and be inspired by celebrating arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science and technology. Since the truth of…...
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Ultralight Insights (2)

We are living in the future and there are new devices, gadgets and smart computers coming almost every day of our lives. In other words, I am giving you free access to off-limit research on new technologies deployed in the Bakken by fast-growing energy companies…...
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Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

I have to admit that I'm not smart phone fan, and never thought that smart phones will add any advantage to my daily life. Latest software version has many features, free offerings and is compatible with the new Smartphones. Flipkart's main objective in the smartphone…...
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How To Write Smartphone Apps

Smartphones have become indispensable for mobile workers, whether running from one meeting to another or needing to travel in order to meet customers, partners or colleagues. Hal ini sangat penting, karena banyak orang tidak mempedulikan hal ini, banyak sekali orang yang membeli smartphone dengan harga…...
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SciTech Days Programming

SciTech Kids Programs offers enriching and fun opportunities for children, ages 3 to 15, after school. These robots were built by teams of high school students in only six weeks for the just-completed FIRST Steamworks game. My favorite subject throughout my studies in school was…...
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Bedford Ed Tech

The development of Wireless technology owes it all to Michael Faraday - for discovering the principle of electromagnetic induction, to James Maxwell - for the Maxwell's equations and to Guglielmo Marconi - for transmitting a wireless signal over one and a half miles. Apart from…...
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