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It’s very difficult for a parent to stand on the sidelines and watch their child work on a complicated science project without trying to jump in and take over. Oftentimes, school science teachers will ask for a child to first present a question and then seek to solve it. This involves setting up an experiment, watching it and recording it. Sometimes three repeats of the same project are needed to help prove or deny the theory the child sets forth. AU biochemistry grad and linebacker Zach Bernhard was honored on the field during halftime of this week’s Sugar Bowl at the Superdome in New Orleans for being one of 25 member’s on the 2016 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team!

When not working with nursing students in our new human cadaver facility, Mr. Tawse can sometimes be seen flying live bats around the halls and classrooms of the Kettering Science Center to teach students about bat biology. Trina received her BA in 1991 from Eastern Nazarene University and subsequently earned her in Science Education from the University of Pittsburgh.

The Smithsonian and Harvard have released an interactive app ahead of the 2017 total solar eclipse, giving Americans a front-row seat to a rare celestial event. The history of science as knowledge dates back from ancient times when natural philosophers such as Thales of Miletus and Democritus would observe and theorize about the occurrences in the natural world.science in the news

Well, nowadays, kid’s science teaches them that there are only eight planets in the solar system, four dwarf planets (Pluto included), and two belts that orbit the sun. Not only this as science makes our lives more comfortable through inventions such as air conditioners, heaters and, cars, we do not realize that our comfort as human beings has come at the expense of nature. I think it is very easy for an undergraduate science major to believe that the only opportunities for them are to be a doctor or science teacher. He was a mathematical genius who died a Harvard scholar and a citizen of the United States in 1942. I do this by reading various authoritative sources in the library and information science.

But the latest shocking event (the PhD thesis) implies that we are not only failing to educate the public (that is manifest in the trendy flat earth” and Nasa lies” memes on social media) but also our brightest students. The three students are Cassie Nix (EVS/Biology/Toxicology, AU’14), Mitch Ramsey (EVS/Geology, AU’14), and Zack Weilnau (EVS/Biology, AU’14).

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