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This page includes information about articles that are considered to be most influential in the field of educational technology and/or related fields. Indeed, until recently, it was believed that the development of technology was restricted only to human beings, but recent scientific studies indicate that other primates and certain dolphin communities have developed simple tools and learned to pass their knowledge to other generations.Technology can be viewed as an activity that forms or changes culture.11 Additionally, technology is the application of math, science, and the arts for the benefit of life as it is known.technology articles

In the case of businesses that have companies located in different parts of the world, technology has helped cut down costs that would be incurred travelling for meetings and other obligations. Sleep Better: Switching off your phone and any device that might wake you up in the middle of the night would be ideal, however if that sounds too extreme, put your phone on the silent, and/or no vibrate mode. A flipped classroom is one type of new technology in education that is becoming increasingly popular.technology articlestechnology articles

Communities in America, such as the Amish people, refuse to implement the use of current technology in their daily lives to live a simple lifestyle. Technology is every ware around us, permitting us to interact at a global scale. Choosing a specific area that you desire to research will help you in finding research articles more efficiently. Advances in medical technology have contributed immensely in extending the life span of people. The technology of online videos or recorded tutorials allows students to study on their own time, whether day or night.

Even though the advancement in internet creates new challenges like computer problems and virus threats, the computer technology like antivirus software made easy to overcome these problems. For example, a number of companies now offer solutions that automate entering paper and PDF invoices into computer systems or even processing loan applications. While the amount of time spent online is a misuse of technology in itself, it’s what people are doing while online that can be seen as a problem.

Be careful how you use technology, and remember that technology isn’t supposed to control us (as it does in my blog on 2016), but we’re supposed to control it. Technology-infused classrooms, students become engaged in what is being taught. Other ways that technology affects education include the student’s ability to research faster than ever, compared to pouring over books in the library.

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