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Technology is evolving so fast that spotting the Next Big Thing if you’re trying to decide where, when, and what to invest in can feel overwhelming. Innov8 is a Business Process Management simulation game that helps IT and business players understand how the business process management can impact a company and their intertwined companies. The power lens can become useful in an organization by observation and monitoring technology and recognizing when replacement is needed. If hospitals and healthcare providers switched over from paper to electronic health records, they could receive up to $44,000 over four years in Medicare funding and $63,750 over six years in Medicaid funding. If we define a Virtual Cyborg as someone who uses wearable technology then we are already there.emerging technology

Thus a big RFID / emerging technology debate needs to happen to insure we don’t waste this opportunity before us. I am working with Two Four Productions to bring this debate to our TV screens, so if anyone wants to get involved please do contact me. RFID can increase revenue by allowing companies to get better data on their customers purchase and usage behavior and hence allow them to tailor their products and services to customer segments more effectively.

The Emerging Technology Views blog provides entrepreneurs and early stage companies a forum to keep abreast of technology news, trends and strategies to help their business succeed. A Connecticut native, Shawn moved to San Francisco in 1999 to pursue a formal fine arts education. Lots of debates have arisen over the years and they have centered on the impact of technology on the society.

While conference calls are beneficial to organizations that cannot afford technology for video conferencing, the technology has now become obsolete. It will not happen overnight, but problems like hospital cash flow, supply chain efficiency, MRSA, adverse medical events (with their massive liability payouts) may be greatly reduced by sensors and emerging technologies.

Another much lower risk way of accessing emerging markets is to buy big blue chips in developed markets. Although this exporter doesn’t support all features in all browsers at this time, the features supported have been enough to publish games like Dead Trigger 2. This technology has already made a name for itself as the technology behind the virtual currency, Bitcoin, but its significance goes beyond virtual currencies to traditional financial services and beyond. The roadmap below represents emerging technologies that are currently being monitored, planned, piloted, or deployed. Rock Stars of Emerging Technologies will be held on November 2nd at Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA.emerging technology

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