Have You Ever Considered Overseas It Jobs

Take a look around you and take stock of the economy at home. Sure, the politicians are saying that things will be better in two or three years, but what is the real story. The real story is that it took a full ten years for the depression of the 1930s to end and thats back when oil was cheap and plentiful. Even then, it was WW2 that finally ended it and the country went right back into a recession as soon as the war ended five years later!

Looking to Distant Shores

It turns out that the future in IT jobs right now is overseas and that is for quite a number of reasons. For one, in case you haven’t noticed IT jobs overseas have been seeing steady growth over the past ten years and if you think that that growth is going to stop or slow down you are sadly mistaken.

Separating Fact From Fiction

So, you have heard that while there are plenty of IT jobs available overseas, you also heard that in countries such as India and the Philippines they don’t pay as well. The fact, is that you haven’t been getting the full story, because there is far more to it then that.

Amazingly Low Living Costs

For one thing, the cost of living is a heck of a lot lower in those places then it is where you are living in the states. How much lower you may ask? For instance you can rent a beautiful three bedroom home in places like these for less than $100 per month and a cold premium beer at a nice restaurant will run you around 50 cents.

Easy Living for Very Little Money

No need for a car either because cab rides are around $2-$3 and great food is also dirt cheap. If you have always dreamed of owning a vacation home on the beach but never could get the two million dollars together to do it where you live then consider that they have homes just like what you have been dreaming all over in overseas locations for as little as $10,000.