How to Clean Your Laptop

If you clean your laptop regularly, you will extend its life and will prevent buying a new one. These machines can accumulate lots of dust, so you should do that regularly for your own good. Here, you will be able to find guidelines, give by the cleaning London professionals who will explain to you the basic steps that you should perform.

Cleaning the laptop doesn’t only includes cleaning of the keyboard and the mouse. There are a few other things that you should clean along with them. Cleaners London will share with you the best way to clean a laptop, so if you feel interested in finding out, read the tips below.

1.Don’t start with the cleaning until your laptop is not turned off and disconnected.

2.Cleaning London experts explain that you can loose the most of the crumbs by opening the laptop and turning it upside down. Tap it very gently and the most of the crumbs will fall.

3.Use compressed air to spray the keyboard and remove the rest of the dirt from the keyboard and between the keys.

4.Vacuum it using a small brush attachment, but cleaners London advise you to make sure that your laptop is on a flat surface. Slightly dampen cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol and use them to wipe between the keys.

5.Now, it’s time to clean your laptop screen. Cleaning London professionals explain that you should start by spraying the screen with canned air to remove any surface dust. Make a cleaning mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar. Spray the solution on a soft clean cloth and wipe the screen with circular and continuous motions. Cleaners London advise you also to clean your monitor regularly with microfibre cloth.

6.Don’t forget the mouse either. It’s very easy to clean – just spray the cloth with the same cleaning solution and wipe off the mouse from the both sides.

You can receive many more tips on the best way to clean a laptop, so I recommend contacting cleaning London experts. They will give you answers to all of your questions and details, if you need to know more about the tips above.