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The 13th annual Judgment and Decision Making Pre-Conference at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology annual meeting will be held from 8:30am to 4:30 pm on March 1st, 2018 in Atlanta. Harvard and MIT study reveals that cognitive science field experiments are critical to understanding human learning and education. At Fordham, students try to forget Trump once went there – NY Daily.. -students-forget-trump-article-1.2577533Mar 25, 2016..Donald Trump thought he was too good for Fordham University, and current students would like to forget the GOP frontrunner went there. We have laid much emphasis on the development of science and technology as a major instrument for achieving national goals of self-reliance and socioeconomic progress.

I always wanted to keep myself updated with latest news and updates in Library and Information Science. The disease-targeting embryo edit at Oregon Health & Science University signals a path for those rare situations where the genes really are life-threatening,” says Harvard bioethicist Robert Truog. Throughout the summer there were a variety of professional development workshops on several topics including graduate school applications, science careers, scientific ethics, and public speaking. The discovery, soon to be published in the journal Current Biology, was reported recently by BBC News and Discovery News.

Once replicated and depending on the results, physicists will either breathe a sigh of relief or will enter a phase of mass group hysteria; adding a new meaning to the term ‘uncertainty’ in science. Some of the related fields include things like Ecology, Physiology, Zoology, Food Science, Genetics, Biology and Medicine. Biology graduate Savannah Frank recently answered some of our questions about her career path since graduating in 2009. Their work was supported, in part, from a grant from the National Science Foundation.

We just received the good news that Lynette Vana (Forensic Biology ’12) has been accepted to the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Cincinnati During the past year Lynette has been working as an analytical chemist at Ben Venue Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company near Cleveland. What you were learning in high school, your kid’s science class now teaches in the last year of elementary! Fifth, a branch of science devoted primarily to military defense and offense in the modern world is more than just wasteful. During this busy summer, two recent biology graduates are making preparations to move on to graduate school, after four great years at AU!

Biology major Isabella Steiner worked with biology faculty member Merrill Tawse to study the salamander populations at Ashland University’s nearby Black Fork Wetlands nature preserve. The science programs at Ashland University have had a long collaboration with Charles River Laboratories , our local contract research organization specializing in the safety testing of human and veterinary drugs. Interested students should go to /careers/ and follow the link to Internships and Co-ops.

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