Best Lead Generation Tactics for Startups

For startups, lead generation proves to be extremely challenging. As they build their business and its operations, they need to employ scalable and efficient lead generation strategies to keep their sales funnel filled.

If you began your startup recently, you must be smart with lead generation tactics because you likely won’t have enough resources to spend on it. For lead generation, companies usually must place a premium to acquire market visibility. However, there are few lead generation tactics where you don’t have to break the bank to generate leads. Read on to find out what they are to capture leads without breaking the bank!

1.     Increase Opt-In Offers

Free reports, demos, webinars, ebooks etc… there are many offers you can provide to the users in exchange for their contact details. This way you can add more and more visitors to your contact list to supplement your lead generation strategy. Make sure that the value of your offer is immediately clear to the user so that they get interested and provide their contact details to gain access.

2.     Join Social Media

Social media platforms are free to use and are great for capturing new leads. Get your brand live on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to increase the exposure of your business and build a strong following. Determine online communities where your audience is active and try to approach them there. On your social media pages, provide compelling offers so that your followers spread good word about your business and invite others to your business page. Use image and videos to complement your offers.

3.     Address the Queries of People through Quora

Quora is a Q&A forum site where a variety of topics are discussed. You can use the site to answer questions of people in your niche. Enter relevant industry keywords to search popular discussion and answer questions asked by different people. If you provide genuine answers, more users will click on your Quora profile to find out about you. You can include links to your business website in the answers as the CTA to get more visitors to your website.

4.     Make Signup Forms Simple

If you make your forms complicated and they are harder to fill out, users will abandon them. The signup forms should be simple and you should limit the number of required fields. Only ask for the important information that will be helpful for the sales team.

5.     Use Effective CTAs

The call-to-actions (CTAs) decide whether the user clicks on your offer or not. Therefore, you should make the CTAs clear and compelling. The CTA should be of right colour and size and the message should clearly portray what the user will get from the offer.

6.     Create High-Quality Content

You should never provide useless information that doesn’t add any value. Instead, you should create high-quality and interactive content that solves a problem of customers, answers their questions or informs them of something new. High quality content can help your business become more authentic.

If you need more lead generation tactics for your start-up or want an experienced agency to generate leads for your business, contact Servme.