Essay On Science And Technology For Children & Students

The main difference between technology and science is technology is a machine while science is done by the minds of people. Though we welcome the blessings of science,we have to consider the other side of picture has not been able to face the problems created by inventions of science and to stop the misuse or harmful consequences of scientific inventions.Factories have polluted the water and the have caused noise pollution.Industrialisation have, by reducing explosion and consequent miseries.

To determine whether students are influenced to become scientists (it’s human nature to ask questions and be aware of what surrounds you; science exercises are good starting vehicles for teachers to find out if their students are learning), it is important to let them understand the methods or processes of science through hands-on activities or laboratory work.

Each day as the hurricane approached, the Disaster Queen would send the science adviser an update on what the hurricane was doing—potential track, why the forecasts had changed and what it meant when they did, what the presence of a certain high- or low-pressure system meant for the next several days, and so on. These could run upwards of five pages, delving deep into the nitty gritty of hurricane science.science and technologyscience and technology

Science is facts; just as houses are made of stones, so is science made of facts; but a pile of stones is not a house and a collection of facts is not necessarily science. It is true that technology these days must be viewed in terms of the changes brought into the existing communication systems through the computer. First science gives us an idea, and then different experiments are carried out. The generator, developed by Tarlac State University, was tested and launched by the Department of Science and Technology in Brgy.

The students update their knowledge of business communication, business strategies, taxes, information technology and audit. The destructive application of science is far more noticeable than the beneficial ones. There are a number of graduate degree programs and associate degree programs available for candidates to become food and science technicians. Some of the other technology available is digital light processing (DLP) or liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) and are decreasing in cost so that they are becoming more affordable for classroom use. Research in food technology has created new ways of preserving and flavoring what we eat.science and technology