How to Connect Instagram to Facebook (Profile / Fans Page)

The number of Instagram users nowadays makes all circles start leaving other social media like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram users in recent years are experiencing a fairly rapid increase. Because in addition to being a new app, instagram also has unique and interesting features so that in just a few short years, people switch to Instagram. Sharing photos, love, and short video viral on Instagram is an advantage of Instagram. Through instagram we can find out what’s trendy now, we can follow our favorite artists and also follow the accounts related to science, tips, and around important information.

But this time, because do not want to out to date in other social media account, many Instagram users who also have other accounts want to connect Instagram account with Facebook or Facebook Page. Where when we send a post on Instagram, it will automatically also sent on Facebook. This is one of the advantages Instagram, where we can also conected with Facebook (profile) or Page Facebook (Fans page). Well for that, on this occasion, I will show you all how step by step How to Connect Instagram to Facebook (Profile / Fans Page) with the following easily:

Step 1:

First of all please open your profile in the Instagram app, then click the dotted button in the top right corner.

Step 2:

Then scroll down, on the Settings option click Linked Accounts.

Step 3:

Then click Facebook. Then the process of connection between Instagram and Facebook began. You just wait for a few seconds to succeed status by entering your FB email and password.

Step 4:

In the Share To option, make sure you click on Timeline (default) to share the post to your Facebook profile, while the options below are some FB pages you have. If you want to connect with a Facebook page, just select and just click the name of your page you want to share.

Step 5:

Well, try now you try to make a new post or sharing back the old post. Then look below there is a Share option. Then you make sure to click (enable) Facebook option as seen, then send your post. Next please check your Facebook or your page. May be useful!