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Technology makes us curious, and the smartphone revolution has taken technological innovation to dizzying heights. The under-computerization of the under-developed countries does not positively impact their future economic development. DARPA is developing unmanned platforms, distributed sensing systems, and position awareness technology to facilitate access to the vast maritime expanse in all its manifestations, including arctic, littoral, deep water, and continental shelf, and in all of its many sea states. There is no actual ratio about how many users will be joined to the technology of mobile computing” but there is a prediction that states a clear view of an increase in the number of users to double of the current percentage in 2025.

From 2012-2013, he served as the Assistant Director for Medical Innovation of the Science Division at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Whether you need help from Facebook’s new ‘M’ virtual assistant or you want to connect with a clever robot called ‘Pepper’ , this technology review delves into what the future of technology holds and the products we should all be looking out for. The future of mobile technology closely revolves around two words: augmented reality” (AR).

Dive into the implications of a near future in which everybody is connected to thousands of networked devices embedded everywhere—a sensory swarm that is instrumented, interconnected and intelligently responsive. As the population increases, it is glad to know that if there is the advancement of technology regarding public transportation that can ship a lot of people.

In the near future our battlefields could look like something from the movie Terminator with robots fighting each other and actually operating on artificial intelligence. She received her Ph.D. in applied physics and M.S. in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology and her B.S. in electrical engineering from Texas Tech University. With this future invention you’ll be able to compare prescribed drug prices locally instead of driving to each individual pharmacy and doing comparison shopping this inefficient and ineffective way.

She has previously served as the DARPA Chief of Staff, as well as the Deputy Director of and a program manager in the Strategic Technology Office, where she developed and managed programs in advanced navigation systems, as well as optical element design and manufacture. Then there is the issue currently where more and more people are making mobile payments on their mobile personal tech devices.future technologyfuture technologyfuture technology

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