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Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced the downgraded terror threat level hours after London police said a second suspect was in custody and a second property was being searched in connection with Friday’s attack that injured 30 people. Check this blog for more stories about our students doing research off campus, and for news on next summer’s research opportunities. I love this periodical, as it does a great job covering one of my favorite science topics – astronomy/the cosmos. Brandt holds a joint appointment between the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Medical School. During the interview process at MillerCoors, my interviewers were impressed at how well our Biology and Chemistry Departments worked together and utilized one another. Therefore, literature is said to complement science because what science cannot do literature can and vice versa.

After receiving his BA in biochemistry from Northwestern University and PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Arizona, and spending time working in the biotechnology industry, he taught at the MedCentral College of Nursing prior to their merger with Ashland University. Dr. Brandt spent the day on the AU campus talking with various classes and student groups, including students in the Honors Program.science in the news

Established in 1981, the Chester Summer Scholars Program is an opportunity for pre-medicine and scientifically-oriented students to explore the potential for a career in medical research or academic medicine. The challenge in all interdisciplinary writing, including writing on science and religion, is to be clear in setting the arguments before the reader, who often will not be an expert in all the topics discussed, while being scrupulous in giving a truthful and accurate account of the ideas involved. The following AU Science students were recognized with Department Awards during the Academic Honors Convocation.science in the news

But as kids get older they can take this type of science to another level, which can include biology and anatomy. Magnetometer high school science fair projects can be used to explore the relationship between several different variables. The ACS Scholars Program was established in 1994 to attract African American, Hispanic, and American Indian students considered underrepresented in the chemical sciences by the National Science Foundation to pursue careers in the field. So an idea came to my mind to create a blog article with top quality news on Library and Information Science which were most liked and shared.

These categories or labels group blog posts on a specific topic of Library & Information Science. Our science programs and this important local industry have developed a strong partnership that greatly benefits both of us. In 1962, Dr. Tom Vanosdall, a science professor at Ashland University, started corresponding with well-known public intellectuals, (including Lewis Mumford, C.S. Lewis, and C. P. Snow), about various intellectual topics. She was co-president of our American Medical Student Association chapter and President of our Tri-Beta biology honors group.science in the news

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