Operational Developer (DevOps) and Cloud Network: A Reliable Partner to Increase Business Competitiveness

The pressure of business competition and higher expectations from customers will ultimately increase the demands on the software development team. This inevitably makes developers have to be even more agile in releasing new features of existing products, as well as creating new products to meet business demands.

The demand for companies that are engaged in fierce competitive sectors, such as retail and finance, is not left behind with customer desires and technological advances. Only companies that can provide profit, productivity, and customer satisfaction can survive.

On the other hand, the desire to release the latest features and products may be hindered by other demands, namely ensuring the product remains stable and safe. This demand for stability and safety can make companies tend to be conservative in releasing new products. Then, how to “reconcile” these two seemingly contradictory demands

Breakthrough Traditional Walls

Traditionally there is a “wall” between the developer (developer or dev) and operations (ops). Apart from different purposes, the gap between developer and operations is also exacerbated by technical problems, such as application development environments and software that are different from the deployment environment. The absence of standard tools for development, testing, and production did not help either.

Therefore, the best solution would be to implement a DevOps process. DevOps emphasizes people and culture and aims to enhance collaboration between development and operations teams. The DevOps implementation makes use of technology, especially automation tools.

Improve Customer Experience

If executed properly, DevOps can improve the customer experience, and in turn increase customer loyalty. Apart from that, DevOps also increases the capacity to innovate. Globally, the DevOps process has been implemented by various international companies as a whole. Various statistics show an increasing trend for DevOps operations.

Combines with Cloud Networks

Although many parties emphasize the cultural building aspects of DevOps, the selection of the right automation tools is equally important. In this case, combining DevOps with a Cloud-managed networks can result in optimal performance.

The centralized nature of Cloud managed sdn networks services in turn enables it to become a centralized foundation of the automation tools required by the DevOps process.

DevOps was spearheaded by a company born on the internet. Therefore, for businesses that deploy their products as web applications, DevOps may feel like a natural process. But today, DevOps has also been applied to the development of various other software products, whether in enterprise software, mobile applications, or the Internet of Things (IoT).

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