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Science and technology are forms of knowledge utilized for different purposes within society. This award will cover all of her expenses to attend one of the most significant meetings in the field of toxicology, along with special programming to help undergraduate students develop careers in this diverse science field. This annual celebration of our students’ faculty-mentored independent scholarship has always included a strong showing from our science students. While at Ashland University Karie took her first blogging steps in our senior capstone course , where students practice their skills communicating science to the public. Naturally man is becoming vulnerable to diseases and disabilities unknown to medical science.science in the news

Published in the February 1, 2017 issue of Science of the Total Environment, the study was coauthored by Jeffrey Weidenhamer (Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of Chemistry), Meghann Fitzpatrick (Senior Biology major), Alison Biro (Toxicology ’15), Peter Kobunski (Biochemistry ’15), Michael Hudson (Associate Professor of …

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