Unique Leaf Trophy for Outstanding Students

Educational institutions have many ways to appreciate outstanding students. From starting to provide educational scholarships, providing good recommendation to students who will continue their education to a higher level, or also give awards in the form of trophy or plaque as a symbol of appreciation of achievements achieved by the students.

The award of a trophy is not only common for sports competition winners only. In school the award is acceptable to a student who achieves academic achievement either inside or outside the classroom. One of the educational institutions’ goals of rewarding their students is that award recipients can be exemplary and inspire other students to show their accomplishments.

is one of the educational institutions that are very concerned about the students. Schools that have three different locations in Jakarta and Bogor are awarding trophies for outstanding students. Education Foundation entrusted the creation of this unique award plaques to the Gusto Sign team.

First of all this trophy has an unusual shape that is shaped one leaf. The main material used in making this award trophy is acrylic. With a thickness of 10 mm, two transparent acrylic layers arranged into trophy body. While the black acrylic is equip with a gravoply plate to form the base of the trophy.Unique Leaf Trophy for Outstanding Students. for more info about the price of that trophies you can visit: http://www.award.com

The most basic technique in the manufacture of acrylic trophy is the laser cutting technique. Generally after the laser-cut of acrylic also through the process of laser engraving techniques. This time Gusto Sign combines three techniques at once in forming this award trophy. In addition to the two laser techniques that are laser cutting and laser engraving, print-on-material techniques are also applied to match the design of the desired trophy award.

The laser cutting technique is applied to cut two transparent acrylic layers with exactly the same leaf pattern. The same technique is also applied to cut black acrylic material as a cup base. The writing on the silver gravoply plate pinned on the base is generated through laser engraving techniques which then fill the black paint to appear contrasting.