What Are The Types of Dedicated Server Hosting?

Choosing the right dedicated server in Australia is crucial for businesses seeking total control, robust security and maximum performance for their websites and applications.

This article explores the key types and provider selection criteria when looking to buy domain names and hosting via dedicated servers tailored to your specific needs.

Different Types of Dedicated Server

The exact hardware specifications and configurations of dedicated servers can vary widely based on the specific requirements of businesses.

However, some of the common dedicated server types are:

Managed Dedicated Servers

A managed dedicated server is a fully outsourced hosting option where a web hosting provider will set up, maintain and administer the dedicated server on your behalf. They can cover all aspects of security, operating system, hardware, control panel issues and updates.

Managed dedicated hosting alleviates the burden for companies lacking in-house technical expertise to run their own servers.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Unmanaged dedicated hosting means that the company renting the server has full control and responsibility over administering, configuring and managing the server. The hosting provider only provides the bare-metal server while you handle everything needed to make sure it performs optimally.

This option is suitable for large enterprises with dedicated IT teams to customise and micromanage their own servers.

Dedicated Web Servers

As the name suggests, web dedicated servers are exclusively intended for businesses hosting a high-traffic website or web application managing large volumes of site content and data.

They are optimised to handle website files, images, videos and databases efficiently while securing traffic, enabling fast loading speeds and providing a customised website environment for an optimal end-user experience.

Dedicated Email Servers

Email dedicated servers fulfil advanced organisational email needs for companies that have to manage high volumes of messages, attachments, inboxes and mailboxes on a daily basis.

They are engineered to provide massive storage, rapid spam filtering, powerful productivity enhancements, scheduled backups and guaranteed round-the-clock availability so employees can seamlessly access the email system at all times.

Dedicated Game Servers

Dedicated gaming servers are designed to meet the unique infrastructure and connectivity demands of popular multiplayer online games that have to support a large number of concurrent users.

Game dedicated servers ensure smooth and lag-free gameplay performance by utilising optimised hardware and network configuration fine-tuned to minimise latency issues that disrupt the gaming experience.

Choosing a Dedicated Server Provider in Australia

Companies should evaluate your Australian dedicated server based on various criteria:

  • Technical Expertise: Look for specialist providers with proven experience in setting up and managing dedicated servers
  • Server Options: Providers must offer a diverse range of dedicated server configurations to perfectly match your requirements
  • Reliability: Servers must have excellent documented uptime backed by service-level agreements
  • Customer Service: 24/7 expert technical support is essential in case of issues.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Balance expenses with the capabilities and quality of the servers
  • Location: Australian data centres ensure faster connectivity and compliance with local data laws.


Dedicated hosting solutions deliver robust scalability, high performance, an abundance of server resources, and extensive customizability for businesses across industries. Companies must select dedicated servers in Australia specifically tailored to capably support their current and future business goals in a highly reliable and secure manner.

With a resilient, dedicated server hosting strategy powering operations, businesses can maximise their productivity, efficiency, and accelerated growth potential even as their online presence expands globally.

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