In this digital age where everything is becoming electronic, books are not exempted. E-books are gradually replacing hard copies which are gradually becoming old-fashioned.

Check Collected.Reviews for the difference between e-books and hard copy books. Nowadays, you no longer have to stress yourself by going to shops to get books. Instead, you only need to find out about the best ebook stores to download the ebooks you want.

Here are a few pros and cons of e-books:

Pros of E-Books

1.          Eco-friendly:

Eco-conscious readers do not have to feel guilty since no trees are cut down to make e-books.  E-books have made the number of trees that are lumbered daily reduce drastically.

2.          Portability:

You can put all the e-books in your e-library and carry them wherever you go. Imagine having 100 books on your phones. This is particularly beneficial for readers who travel a lot.

3.          Comfortability:

Unlike normal books, e-books allow readers to be able to increase the font size, search for words. Additionally, you can convert them to audiobooks. This means you can plug in your headset and still learn without stress.

4.          Cost-Effective:

Companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noblemake ebooks affordable at considerably low cost. You don’t have to pay for printing and shipping before you get your ebook.

5.          Accessibility:

You no longer have to ransack a whole library to get the material you need. With keywords and phrases, you can search for and get any ebook you want online.

Cons of E-books

1.          Health Problems:

We all know the damage that staring at a screen for too long can cause. After reading an ebook for hours, it becomes harder to concentrate and your eyes start to irritate you. Also, some devices are not readable in the sunlight so reading might prove difficult.

2.          Unreliability:

Firstly, the battery life of your device determines how long you would be able to read your ebook. Secondly, you should not expect ebooks to last forever like print. Print is far more reliable than e-books because ebooks can just stop working at any moment

3.          Piracy:

Due to its digitized form, pirating ebooks is very easy. It costs less and once pirated, it generates nothing for the author. All the hard work of the author goes to waste and pirated ebooks lose their authenticity since some pages go missing.

4.          Competition:

A lot of companies have invested in the e-books industry with their different gadgets and formats. The number of formats available online makes it difficult to choose which e-book to go for. Another problem is that, unlike print, it is hard or almost impossible to share ebooks with your friends.

5.          Copyright:

Copyright laws are another problem of e-books. Readers do not have the right to sell ebooks even after purchasing them.

E-books have their pros and cons. They are also very new and we cannot say for sure how long they will be around. People who want to write their e-book can get ghostwriters to write for them if they do not want to write by themselves.

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