What Crypto Should You Invest In 2021?

Crypto enthusiasts continue investing in Bitcoin. But is it the only worthy crypto today? Definitely, not. At the moment, there is a large variety of coins, each of which has its great features. Do you want to invest in digital currency but have no idea which one to spend money on? Then, it’s a wise solution to purchase digital currency as the crypto market is booming. Experts say that many coins are worth attention, besides BTC and ETH. Of course, these coins are still the leaders with high potential, but you shouldn’t pass by other coins that can bring you good income this year.

If you are a beginner who doesn’t know where to get started, first of all, you need to determine what crypto you want to trade. The next step is to consider using a reliable trading bot. It will help you to maximize profits and minimize risks. If you use such software as Stoic by Cindicator, you will trade without specific knowledge and skills. The program is based on trading algorithms that make trading BTC and other coins with maximum efficiency even if you aren’t a trading guru. The program uses actual data about market trends and completes the best deals. Before starting your trading career, have a quick look at the coins worth investing in.

Binance Coin and Cardano

Binance Coin and Cardano are attractive in the context of increasing competition in the DeFi space. The London hard fork and EIP-1559’s fee-burning mechanism failed to alleviate the problem of high transaction fees on the ether. This means an additional chance to bypass ETH for its competitors, which are free of this disadvantage and can offer a higher level of bandwidth, albeit at the expense of decreasing the degree of decentralization, as is the case with Binance Coin.


Polkadot is an open-source protocol that allows you to follow the development of the project through GitHub. The protocol is based on sharding, allowing different tokens and data to be transferred between different blockchains. Polkadot aims to create a “web of networks.” With its help, it is easy to create a completely decentralized network.

The main reason for the growth of DOT in the second half of 2021 is the development of the project. Since the fall of 2020, DOT has been actively listing on various crypto-exchanges, which positively affects the dynamics.

Interestingly, the creators of Polkadot held an ICO back in 2017 and raised about $ 145 million, but the wallet code where the investments were transferred was hacked. Then the attackers managed to withdraw about $ 90 million, which significantly slowed down the project’s development. As a result, additional funding rounds had to be carried out to implement what was described in the White Pepper. And this is extra time and financial resources. Some experts agree that if not for the theft of investments, we would have seen Polkadot in the crypto arena much earlier.

These are some of the coins that you can invest in, besides the leading Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

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